Master Plumbers Heating and Cooling offers emergency installation, service, and water heater repair for the Piedmont Triad. Whether your water heater is gas, electric, or tankless, our experts are available to assist you—even outside regular business hours or on weekends. 

To repair or replace your water heater, give us a call at 336-676-5544

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Water Heater Installation

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Proper installation or repair isn’t as simple as hooking up a few hoses.

Without the right fittings and expertise, your water heater could end up costing more than its purchase price. Proper installation is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, adding suitable insulation will save you both energy and money over time. If you need a water heater installed or repaired, contact us. We can help you determine your needs and ensure proper installation.

Call Master Plumbers Heating and Cooling at 336-676-5544.

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How to prevent

Water Heater Issues

The best way to prevent water heater issues is to have yours inspected regularly. As a member of the Master Club, you get two inspections per year, as well as discounted rates and priority service. 

Draining your hot water heater

Sediment that collects in the bottom of your hot water heater tank can cause all kinds of issues. Draining it periodically helps to prevent these issues from making regular maintenance a plumbing emergency. We take care of this during our biannual inspection.

Check your energy source

Whether your water heater is powered by electricity or gas, it’s critical to check the functionality regularly and repair any issues. This prevents harmful gas leaks and lengthens the life of your hot water heater. We will also check this out on every inspection.

Proper installation of a water heater isn’t as simple as hooking up a few hoses. Without the correct fittings and knowledge, your water heater can end up costing you much more than its purchase price. Hire a trained plumbing professional can help you ensure you have chosen the best water heater for your application and ensure it is hooked up properly. 

Sediment in your hot water heater can cause your tank to overheat. It can also clog the drain valve or circulation lines, potentially burning out the recirculation pump. All of this can increase your power bill. 

Our experienced technicians will help determine if you need a water heater replacement. If you aren’t getting a reliable supply of hot water or the temperature fluctuates regularly, your water quality may be low. We’ll look for signs of rust or debris in the water. It is essential to replace your water heater before it gets to a place where it bursts and causes flooding issues.

Soot buildup in the flue can cause harmful carbon monoxide gas to leak into your home. We recommend regular maintenance to ensure you avoid soot build up—and to ensure your pilot light remains blue with a yellow tip.

Hardened calcium carbonate can build up in the sacrificial anode rod. This reduces protection to the inside of the water heater.