How Often Should You Replace the Shower Head

When was the last time you paid attention to your shower head? We are sure it must have been a while ago. Shower heads are one of the most overlooked bathroom accessories. However, you must pay attention to it to see if it needs a replacement. 

Yes, you should replace the shower heads in the bathroom after some time has passed. But why? And how often? Let’s explore these questions in this blog post. 

Signs You Need a New Shower Head 

Let’s dive into the discussion and look at some signs you need a new showerhead. 

Mineral Build-Up Around the Showerhead

Most water lines have hard water containing various contaminants and minerals, such as calcium. You might have noticed a flaky white build-up near your showerhead’s holes. 

Calcium can be destructive if the build-up isn’t cleaned. You can use easy cleaning methods to get rid of the build-up. However, the hard water can ruin the inner components of a showerhead. Hence, you need to replace the showerhead and buy a new one. 

Leaking Shower Head

If you turn off the shower and still find it dripping water, it shows your showerhead is leaking. These leaks can have various causes. If the issue is with the water lines, you can call a plumber and get it fixed. However, at times, the issue is with the shower head itself. 

To unclog the holes, try to open up your showerhead and clean it from the inside. If the showerhead is still leaking, it’s time for a new one. 

Low Water Pressure

Numerous individuals only notice an issue