Kernersville Whole-Home Filtration Services

Want to improve your water quality in the Piedmont Triad metropolitan region? Call us for quality whole-home water filtration systems.

A whole-home water filtration system can be an excellent investment for your home. Besides improving the quality of the water you drink and use in your household, it can also help to protect your plumbing from contaminants.

If you’re interested in installing a whole-house water filtration system or if you need repairs on an existing system, our professionals at Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling can help. We’ve provided the residents of Kernersville with high-quality water filtration systems for over 20 years.

Many homeowners choose us for our high-end water purification solution,  transparent and competitive pricing, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you need water filtration replacement or a new system installation, our experienced team can evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution for your property.

Need help with plumbing repairs? We can help with that too!

Signs You Need a Whole-Home Water Filtration System

Unfiltered water can expose you to numerous health issues. Meanwhile, filtered water tastes better and is safer. If you are unsure if you need a water filtration system in your home, look out for the following signs:

  • Your home’s age: If your house was constructed in the 1970s or earlier, the chances are that it has lead piping. When lead leaks into your water supply, it increases the risk of high blood pressure, anemia, poor kidney function, and other health conditions.
  • Smelly water: If your water smells like rotten eggs, it could indicate the presence of sulfate. Consumption of sulfur over time can lead to eye irritation and respiratory problems.
  • Hard water problems: Do you often replace fixtures due to mineral build-up, or have you noticed white sediment stains on your dishes, clothes, and shower tiles? If so, you should invest in a whole-house water filtration system with water-softening capability.
  • Well water: Wells are prone to pollution from pesticides and chemicals in underground water lines. Installing a whole-home water filtration system is an excellent way to keep your well water safe.
  • Excessive contaminants: If tests show high levels of contaminants in your water, you should consider water filtration installation.

If you experience any of the above issues, call our team for a whole-home water filtration installation.