Master Club Membership

Don’t put off your heating and cooling systems’ maintenance services. Sign up today for a Master Club membership with Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling and never miss a maintenance service in Kernersville, NC, again. Call 336-203-5655 for more information!

Routine maintenance and tune-ups are crucial to the health of any central heating or air conditioning system. Maintenance prevents system breakdowns, keeps manufacturer warranties valid, and helps systems work more efficiently, saving you money.

Unfortunately, most homeowners are so busy with every other aspect of life and maintaining their home that scheduling maintenance visits are easy to forget. That’s why Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling created the Master Club!

Master Club Benefits

As a Master Club member, you get:

  • Two (2) annual maintenance visits – one in the spring and one in the fall to keep both your heating and AC systems in tip-top shape.
  • Reliable Reporting and Record-Keeping – We keep digital records of services performed during each visit. An itemized service history is also available upon request.
  • Priority scheduling and service within 24 hours of calling for any additional repairs.
  • 10% OFF any service and repair
  • 2-Year Warranty on any new replacements.
  • Discounted Service Fees.
  • Exclusive deals and savings.

Why Join Our Master Club?

What’s the best way to protect your investment and prolong the life of the plumbing fixtures in your home? Routine maintenance.

Scheduling regular maintenance for your home systems is the best way to improve the efficiency of your equipment so that they use less energy, saving you money on utility bills. Maintaining your equipment also helps them to last longer, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it for many years. Maintenance also allows your technician to take care of minor issues before they become costly issues.

Signing up for a Preferred Customer Service Agreement can help you stay on top of all your necessary maintenance visits, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a well-maintained plumbing system.

Call Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling today at 336-203-5655 for reliable healing, plumbing, and air conditioning services in the Kernersville, NC, area.

Call Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling in Kernersville, NC, today at 336-203-5655 to sign up for our Master Club maintenance program.